VIC: IPHA Open Day - Hütt 01 PassivHaus: Saturday 11th November

, Coburg, VIC, Australia


Being energy independent was just one of Felicity and Marc Bernstein’s biggest ambitions when they built a new net zero energy home in Victoria. But what made their family home, The Hutt 01 Passive House, unique was also the opportunity to showcase what a passive house does as featured in Grand Designs Australia.

The outcome is the Hütt 01 Passivhaus, a piece of inspiring contemporary architecture with timeless, modernist & Nordic touches. It sets a positive example for small-scale urban densification, reconnecting a forgotten piece of land with its environment, providing a super-sustainable oasis for today's lifestyle in the middle of the inner-urban jungle.

Jury Citation from one of the many awards this house has won (Houses Awards, Sustainability Category) :

This house sets a new standard for practical and measurable sustainability, delivering an oasis-like family home on a challenging site that aspires to both net-zero energy and carbon neutrality.

With a rail corridor immediately adjacent to the site and a noisy road nearby, the building strategy was to counter the busy locale with high-performance fabric and systems. The finished project represents the opportunities of sustainable development over the sacrificial mindset that often ensues.

The home delivers an aspirational objective of ultra-low environmental impact, including consideration of its inhabitants’ comfort and wellbeing, and offers a resilient environment ready for the trials of a harsh and changing climate. The CLT fabric and extensive natural finishes both reduce embodied energy and enhance biophilic outcomes, and the obvious deliberation is to be commended. The use of simple but high-performance technologies and dematerialization further enhance the credentials.

With a very small internal footprint of just 78 square metres, the home exemplifies the sustainable ideal of doing more with less, and the site selection and response represent gentle urban densification for deliberate small-footprint living. The house generates a significant portion of its own energy on-site, which is especially commendable given the vertical scale. The considered garden complements the house with natural beauty and multifunctional approach, including the accessible green roof.

Hütt 01 Passivhaus is a place where its occupants can thrive, and it exemplifies a new standard with no sacrifice of architectural outcome.

Melbourne Design Studios (MDS); Architect, ESD Consultant, Energy Rater, Certified Passive House Designer Home by Hutt (Hütt); Facilitator Felicity Bernstein & Marc Bernstein-Hussmann (MDS/Hutt); Clients & Owner-Builders Sustainable Building Supplies; CLT, Windows, Woodfibre Insulation Clare Perry; Passive House Advice & Certification Flatroof & Fytogreen; Green Roofs G-Lux; Installation of CLT and general construction works

WHEN: Saturday 11th November

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VIC: IPHA Open Day - Hütt 01 PassivHaus: Saturday 11th November Address , Coburg, VIC, Australia Get Directions
Saturday, November 11, 2023 11:00 - 11:30
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